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    Waterside Healthcare and Wellness is all about you! Well, health and you. We want to provide healthcare that is high quality, convenient, accessible, affordable and most of all what YOU want! This is judgement free healthcare at its finest. At Waterside Healthcare and Wellness we place a heavy emphasis on patient centered care. This means we will come to you, at your convenience and in the way that works the best for you-- via phone, text, video, email or in person. We believe in your vision of health and wellness and work to achieve your health goals.


    We are true primary care providers and because of this Waterside Healthcare and Wellness has several services to offer people of all ages. Read more about our services below!


    We've got what you want and need!

    Direct Primary Care

    Affordable, Convenient Healthcare for Members

    Direct primary care is a new way to get healthcare services. It's healthcare how it was meant to be. With 24/7 access to your healthcare provider via phone, text, email and secure video. For members there are often same day and/or next day appointments available. Direct primary care is a membership model of healthcare where there is a low monthly fee for all of your healthcare needs.

    Concierge Care

    Convenient Care as Needed

    Concierge care is for those who want convenient care at their disposal. This type of healthcare is for those who need healthcare in an urgent manner, on a situation by situation basis.

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    Advanced Practice Providers who care!

    Nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses who with additional education and certification assess, diagnose, and treat patients. Nurse practitioners can prescribe medication, order diagnostic tests (x-rays, blood tests, etc.), diagnose illness and many other things! Nurse practitioners have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Waterside Healthcare & Wellness nurse practitioners have nearly 20 years experience! We are ready to take care of you!


    Read more about Nurse Practitioners here.

    Direct primary care is a model of healthcare that is all about wellness. This model of healthcare gives patients unlimited access to their healthcare provider for a low monthly fee. With this model there isn't any rushing, no short appointment time slots. This is a meaningful alternative for people who are frustrated with the current healthcare model and payment structure. Members of direct primary care practices can expect to receive top-notch healthcare providers who utilize evidence based practice. This is quality care for you at a price you can afford!


    Read more about Direct Primary Care here.


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